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Nox Shot e Nox Shot - Istruzioni per la preparazione e l'uso di Muscle Guard Pro

Benvenuto nella nostra guida semplice sull'ottimizzazione della tua esperienza NoxShot. Qui troverai istruzioni essenziali su come preparare il tuo integratore salutare, suggerimenti per garantirne l'efficacia e consigli per personalizzare l'assunzione in base ai tuoi gusti e ai tuoi obiettivi di salute. La nostra formula naturale e scientificamente provata è progettata pensando al tuo benessere e alla tua comodità e richiede solo pochi semplici passaggi per integrarla nella tua routine quotidiana. Abbraccia un te stesso più sano e vibrante con ogni frullato di NoxShot.

  1. Adding Water: Directly add water into the NoxShot or NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro bottles.

  2. Secure the Lid: Ensure the lid is tightly sealed before shaking.

  3. Natural Ingredients Notice: Our products are made with natural ingredients, which may not dissolve as easily as those with artificial dissolvers. This commitment to natural components prioritises your health and environmental sustainability.

  4. Shaking the Bottle: Vigorously shake the bottle until the powder is fully dissolved. This process might require extra effort but guarantees a purer, healthier product that supports a cleaner planet.

  5. Alternative Mixing Options:

    - Volume Adjustment: Feel free to mix the supplement with a greater volume of water if preferred.
    - Flavour Enhancement: The supplement can be mixed with other beverages to improve flavour. However, avoid using hot drinks.

    !!!​Boiling Prohibition: Do not boil the mixture; boiling is strictly prohibited!!!

Remember, a little extra effort in preparation ensures a healthier, more environmentally friendly supplement experience!


NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro

Dosage Information

Recommended Serving: It is crucial to follow the dosage guidelines for NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro.

The recommended dosage is one serving per day (20,6 g).

One Serving a Day: Consistency is key for optimal results. Take one serving (20,6 g)daily to align with your health and fitness goals.


!!!Caution - More is Not Better: It is important to understand that increasing the dosage beyond the recommended serving will not enhance the benefits and may be counterproductive.!!!

Adhering to one serving per day ensures you receive the optimal balance of nutrients and benefits from NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro. Thank you for responsibly using NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro, ensuring a safe and effective
addition to your health regimen.

Important Notice: Consumption Timeline for NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro
Please be aware that once the vacuum-sealed package of NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro is opened, it is essential to consume the contents within 9 days, adhering to a guideline of (one serving per day). This timeframe ensures that you experience the full effectiveness and freshness of our product.



Q: I noticed that NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO doesn't dissolve completely and there are lumps after I add water. Is there a way to mix it better?
A: Our NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO is formulated with premium, natural ingredients that may not dissolve as easily as products with artificial dissolvers. Here's a tip for a smooth mix: First, add the suggested amount of water directly into the bottle. Secure the lid tightly to prevent any leaks. Then, give it a vigorous shake, more so than you might with other products. It may take a bit longer, but by doing so, you'll help the natural ingredients blend more
effectively. This method not only upholds our commitment to your health but also supports environmental sustainability by eliminating unnecessary chemicals. Your effort shakes up a healthier you and a greener planet!

Q: What can I do if I find the taste of NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO not to my liking? Is it possible to mix it with something other than water to improve the flavor?
A: Absolutely, we understand that everyone has unique taste preferences. Feel free to mix NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO with a greater volume of water for a milder flavor, or blend it with your favorite juice. This can mask the natural taste of the supplement and make your nutrition experience more enjoyable. Our formula is versatile and designed to be compatible with a variety of beverages, so you can customize your drink to suit your taste while still getting all the muscle-guarding benefits.

Q: Is it safe to mix NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO with hot beverages?
A: You can add NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO to warm drinks if you prefer, but we advise against using hot beverages. High temperatures may degrade some of the nutrients, potentially reducing the supplement's effectiveness. Also, it's important to avoid boiling the supplement as it contains naturally occurring nitrates, which can be altered by extreme heat. To preserve the integrity and full benefits of the ingredients, it's best to mix it with cold or room temperature beverages.

Q: Is the effectiveness of NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO backed by scientific research?

A: Yes, the formulation of NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO is grounded in scientific research. For detailed information on the studies and evidence supporting the benefits of our supplement, we invite you to visit our website at Here, you can access a wealth of scientific progress and proof provided by our dedicated team of scientists, ensuring you can trust in the quality and efficacy of our product.

Q: How long should I continue to take NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO?
A: We recommend beginning with a course of nine servings to gauge how your body responds to NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO. There isn't a strict minimum or maximum duration for taking the supplement; however, as with any nutritional supplement, it's wise to give your body a rest. We suggest taking a break after 2 to 3 months of continuous use. This pause can help ensure your body's response remains optimal and can also prevent the development of any potential tolerance to the supplement's effects. Always consider consulting with a
healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Q: Is NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO formulated with nitrates?
A: Absolutely, yes. The nitrates present in NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO are derived from high-quality beetroots, known for their natural nitrate content. Each serving of our supplement is designed to deliver the equivalent nitrate concentration of approximately 1 kilogram of freshly squeezed beetroot juice, providing you with the concentrated benefits in a convenient form.

Q: I've noticed that my urine or stool turns pink after consuming NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD
PRO. Should I be concerned?
A: The pink coloration of your urine or stool is indeed due to the presence of betalains, which are naturally occurring compounds in the beetroot extract we use in NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO. While betalains are responsible for this harmless colour change a condition known as beeturia - they are also valued for their health benefits. Betalains are powerful antioxidants that help protect your cells from oxidative stress, which can lead to chronic diseases. They also exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body, potentially lowering the risk of inflammatory diseases. Additionally, betalains support detoxification processes and have been linked to improved exercise performance and cardiovascular health due to their effect on blood pressure and mitochondrial efficiency. This pigment is not only a marker of the high-quality, natural ingredients in our supplement but also contributes to its health-promoting properties. If the color change is accompanied by other symptoms or if you have any health concerns, a consultation with a healthcare professional is advisable for personalized advice.

Q: Why is NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO packaged in a sealed and vacuumed bag?
A: The sealed and vacuumed packaging for NOX SHOT MUSCLE GUARD PRO is meticulously chosen to ensure the highest quality of our all-natural product. By removing air from the bag, we minimize the oxidation process, which can degrade the potency and freshness of the natural ingredients. This method of packaging helps to preserve the supplement's nutritional value and extend its shelf life without the need for chemical preservatives. Our commitment to such packaging reflects our dedication to providing you with a product that remains as
close to its natural state as possible, ensuring you receive the full health benefits with every serving.

Q: I forgot to take my NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro supplement today. Should I take a double
dose the next day?
A: No, you should not take a double dose.** If you happen to miss a day of taking NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro, there's no need to worry. Skipping one day will not significantly impact your overall progress or the effectiveness of the supplement. It is crucial to adhere to the recommended dosage of one serving per day for the best results. Taking more than the daily recommended serving is not advised and does not lead to better outcomes. Simply continue with your regular single serving the next day.

Q: I don't feel any different after taking the NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro supplement. Is this normal?
A: Yes, it is normal not to feel immediate changes. NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro is designed to work in a non-symptomatic way. This means that you might not feel an immediate or noticeable effect right after taking the supplement. The benefits of NoxShot Muscle Guard Pro are cumulative and generally begin to manifest around the 4th to 5th day of consistent consumption. It's important to continue taking the supplement as directed for the best results, as the effects build up over time.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our dedicated team is always ready to help you with any inquiries or concerns you might have. We're committed to providing you with the best service possible!

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